Policy & Procedures

Policy & Procedures

1. *Enrollment and Registration:*
– Students must meet the course prerequisites before enrolling.
– Registration deadlines and procedures must be followed.

2. *Code of Conduct:*
– Students are expected to engage in respectful and professional communication in all course interactions.
– Any form of harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated.

3. *Attendance and Participation:*
– Regular participation is essential. Students are expected to log in regularly, contribute to discussions, and complete assignments on time.
– If students foresee any difficulties meeting deadlines, they must communicate with the instructor in advance.

4. *Plagiarism and Academic Integrity:*
– Plagiarism and cheating are strictly prohibited. All sources must be properly cited.
– Consequences for academic dishonesty may include failing the assignment or course.

5. *Technical Requirements:*
– Students must have access to a reliable computer, internet connection, and required software.
– Technical issues should be promptly reported to the technical support team.


1. *Accessing Course Materials:*
– Students will receive login credentials upon enrollment to access the course materials and resources on the online learning platform.

2. *Communication:*
– Instructors will use the course discussion forums, emails, or virtual meetings to communicate important announcements, updates, and reminders.

3. *Submitting Assignments:*
– Clear instructions for assignment submissions will be provided in the course syllabus.
– Assignments must be submitted through the designated online platform before the specified deadline.

4. *Assessment and Grading:*
– Grading criteria will be outlined in the course syllabus.
– Students can view their grades and feedback on assignments through the online platform.

5. *Technical Support:*
– A technical support team will be available to assist students with any technical issues related to the online platform.

6. *Extensions and Accommodations:*
– Students requiring extensions due to exceptional circumstances must contact the instructor in advance.
– Students with documented disabilities can request appropriate accommodations through the designated office.

7. *Feedback and Evaluation:*
– Students will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the course content, structure, and instructor performance through surveys.

8. *Completion and Certification:*
– Successful completion of the course, including assignments and assessments, will lead to the issuance of a certificate.

Remember, these policies and procedures are just a starting point. They should be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your Aging Support course and institution.

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